Saturday, May 7, 2011

Circumference of Darkness

It's a real book. I kid you not.

...Okay, maybe I will a little. Otherwise I'd have to end this post right here.

"Circumference of Darkness" is the first book in the most terrifying series you will ever read. Follow the journey of young Edmund Brumby as a slip of paper with naught but a room number on it leads him into the shadowy underbelly of London academia.

What will he find behind the door of classroom 42? Who is this "Miss Walters", and what does she know about the strange art referred to as "geometry"? Will Edmund ever find the answer to the ultimate question? Only time will tell.

Time, and massive commercial success spawning further books, that is. The sooner you buy your copy, the sooner Jack will run out of things to spend money on and finally submit his sequel manuscript, "Hypotenuse of Hades".

...Okay, so I actually have no idea what "Circumference of Darkness" is about at all. It's probably a lot less interesting than the descriptions it brings to my mind, but you never know. This is what comes of exploring the used book section of your local library. Try it out. Let me know what amusing things you find. If you don't find anything or are too lazy to go, tell somebody about my blog and see if they'll do it for you.