Friday, October 15, 2010

Benign Passerby, or Sinister Vanguard?

I was strolling along happily one day when I chanced to meet this little fellow in my path. I thought little of it at first, merely a fellow excursionist at the zoo. Probably there for research purposes, much like my self. I found his expression somewhat peculiar, but concluded he was fearful of being trampled, so I made my apologies and moved on.

But a few steps later, I encountered another leafy traveler. This one appeared to be attempting to devour a fallen seed. Caught in the act, it froze in a position that reminded me greatly of a fellow by the name of Pacman. Amused by the similarity, I almost paused to photograph the event.

Fortunately for you, dear readers, the full weight of the situation was realized in my mind before I made that foolish mistake. If one of these fallen leaves would consume a fellow denizen of the trees in such a way, what would it do to me? It was with that thought in mind that I noticed the number of leaves in the area was much more than it had first appeared.

There I was, surrounded by a veritable gang of greenery, and I had been foolish enough to travel without so much as a match for protection. Had I dwelt upon my dismay, I have no idea what would have become of me. Fortunately I beat a hasty retreat, and survived to warn you all. Beware of leaves in fall. They are far more sinister than they at first appear.

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