Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Review of Surveys

Facebook surveys. Sometimes I look at them. Sometimes I take them, if they can be filled out in a fashion that I find amusing. Often there isn't a great deal of variety in the questions, particularly in genre of surveys that claim to be asking "weird" questions. Often the pictures are more amusing than the survey itself, as well as being quite misleading. The picture on the left, belonging to the survey titled "Have You Ever Survey No. 8", is a perfect example of this.

The URL for the survey is, if you are both interested in it's contents and have a Facebook account. But you'll be disappointed. They could have done so much with the "Have You Ever" theme and that picture. Just a few examples:
  • "Have you ever worn a giant butterfly instead of a hairband?"
  • "Have you ever kissed someone so hard that a rift in the space-time continuum formed and it rained cartoon stellar matter?"
  • "Have you ever high-fived during a kiss, only noticing afterward that your invisibility serum had partially worn off and there was nothing to high-five about?"
  • "Have you ever drunkenly kissed a princess, then later found yourself pursued by an odd shapeshifting Italian plumber?"

But no. They just want to know if you're a gun-toting schizophrenic narcissist transvestite lambaster of the elderly who sings karaoke at parties. Actually, if that describes any of my readers, I would appreciate being informed as well. Post-haste. Karaoke isn't a good idea.

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