Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing... That Guy

No, not me. That guy up in the left corner. I may get around to introducing my self or this blog some day. No promises. But that guy is awesome, so I'll talk about him first. I realized I could edit him out of one of the odd warning label pictures I've been collecting for a little while now. It was only after I did so that I realized I wasn't precisely sure what he was doing, even though I made him.

Is he kicking a box while raising his arms behind his head, or faced majestically away from the box he has just smartly discarded with a heel? I just don't know. But he inspired me with one feature I hope to make a regular on this blog: offering explanations for inexplicable pictures. Plus now he looks like he's scaring the birds of this shamelessly stock theme.

Ideally I'll find enough funny little signs at work to keep the feature up for awhile. If I run out, I can always start manufacturing them, and claim I'm going back to my roots if anyone complains. Tune in at this same time next week for some other guy. In the mean time, I may or may not put up any other content. Oh yeah, and long live That Guy.

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